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The secretary`s column

May 2013

Welcome to the 25th anniversary!

This year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our association in Oulu and, in part, also in its neighbouring parish Liminka. The anniversary will take almost all day long and we are planning to hoist our new symbol, ”the host banner” shortly before 12 o´clock on Saturday, July 13 in the courtyard of Hotel Eden. The assembly rooms at the hotel will be at our disposal until 11 p.m.

The program of the anniversary has been put together by the members of the organizing committee and one of the members, Mrs Maire Manninen has written a more detailed article on the program in this paper. The program consists of various performances and in the afternoon those interested can participate in a sightseeing tour, which in addition to the city of Oulu will take us to Liminka for a 5-euro ticket. Our association pays the other expenses, including the travel guide´s service. The welcoming coffee will be free for the members of the association, and dinner tickets can be bought separately.

Please, registrate for the anniversary, sightseeing, and dinner and inform the organizers on any special diets by June 20, 2013. The registration can be made by e-mail: or on the website of the association or by phone to Anna-Liisa ( +358 40 5684 303), Taisto (+358 40 565 1350) or Pentti (+358 400 220 752).

The hotel has confirmed that they have a reservation of 10 standard rooms and ten superior rooms for us with the code ”Väyrysten sukuseura”. This code must be mentioned, when your make your own booking.

Hotel rooms can be booked at the hotel’s sales service at the latest by June 3, 2013.

Other things to be kept in mind:

Väyrysniitti-books are still available at the price of 60 euros. The membership fees can be paid at the anniversary and small banners of the association will also be on sale at five euros´ price.

Let us get together and have an enjoyable reunion!

Eeva Väyrynen

Petkelkatu 1 B, 89600 SUOMUSSALMI

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