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Väyrynen family association

The Väyrynen family association is a connecting link and information channel for the members of the different branches of the the Väyrynen family. The association was founded at the first family reunion held in Puolanka, Finland on July 10,1988. Any person whose father or mother descends from the Väyrynen family or who has joined the family through marriage has the right to be a member of the association. The annual membership fee is 10 euros. No membership fee is required from those under 18 years of age. The membership fee is voluntary for members aged 70 years or more.

A member of the family who has distinguished himself/herself in some field of life or made remarkable contributions to promote the aims of the family association can be nominated an honorary member of the association. An honorary member is excempted from all the fees of the association. The members of the association receive once a year the membership bulletin "Väyrysniitti" and a Christmas greeting from the board of the association.

The association is looking forward to having e-mail to the address:

Suggestions, ideas and questions concerning the home page of the association can also be sent to the e-mail address above. Genealogical material and other articles of interest can be sent directly to the web master. In case our links do not function or you have questions about our association and it's annual programs and other activities just get in touch and we try to serve you to the best of our ability.

Family association has a Facebook site:

For further information contact the secretary of the family association

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